Testing and QA

In today’s highly-connected and fast-paced world, every organization needs to give quality assurance processes to reduce time-to-market and deliver best-in-class customer experience.

GCTechInfo has been testing software in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and other industries to help businesses deliver world-class, glitch-free software. Our committed and experienced software testing and quality assurance experts can quickly assess your project and validate its functionalities, usability, security, integration, and performance.

We help clients achieve continuous quality over their digital transformation initiatives by leveraging automating, advanced analytics, Software Quality Assurance Services, DevOps, cloud, and mobile, which can help businesses in their journey.

Our testing processes are designed to help QA teams reduce their efforts by embedding AI and cognitive computing solutions across the entire value chain to be tested. We offer on-demand software testing and QA services to help businesses access software validation.

Types of Testing We Perform

At GCTechInfo, we can perform an extensive range of testing both during the software development and upgrading phases.

Testing and QA Services We Offer

GCTechInfo offers testing and QA services and our experts can take charge of the entire quality assurance process, including:

QA Consulting

We offer QA consultancy services that can help businesses eliminate process constraints and get higher QA efficiency by providing QA process setup, audit, and improvements; QA consultancy to obtain QA maturity certifications; test automation setup; consulting on specific software testing; and training the in-house software testing team.

QA Outsourcing

Our QA outsourcing services are essential during the software development and evolution processes. We can help organizations design a test plan and a quality assurance strategy, determine the relevancy of automating a test for a project, build and perform all testing activities into the software development life cycle stage, provide testing and QA reports regularly, and enhance the performance of the testing team.

Managed Testing Service

We can give access to a testing and QA team that is managed by your in-house testing manager and can take over the whole or part of the testing activities, such as setting up a testing environment, preparing test data and test cases, carrying out tests, submitting and listing defects in a defect tracking system, and providing regular testing reports.

Automated Testing

Automated testing includes all sorts of testing for the best UX, including web/desktop/ mobile app functional and UI testing, data verification on the front-end, and automation of native or hybrid Android or iOS apps. We also conduct performance testing to ensure your system is based on your specific performance criteria as well as database testing for quicker data verification or multi-thread big data automation development.

Manual Testing

We offer manual testing for a range of services, including ISO-based usability testing to check the usability of the software. We also offer secure application testing for testing web, mobile, and API security as well as perform compliance testing for process evaluation and industry compliance. We also offer database testing services to verify the quality and migration of data.

Types of Software We Test

At GCTechInfo, we can perform an extensive range of testing both during the software development and upgrading phases.
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