Software Development and Outsourcing

Businesses that are looking to achieve their technology goals don’t always have the money or resources for a complete in-house team to accelerate their software development efforts when they need to. In this case, it is a good idea to consider a software development and outsourcing service to meet their overarching business goals.

Our software development and outsourcing services enable companies to get software engineering, support, and maintenance services in an on-demand and cost-effective way. We can help companies access expert software engineers and front-end developers who offer a wide set of skills, from full-stack development to smart customizations of older programs and more, and ensure high performance and agility for their businesses.

Software Development and Outsourcing Services We Offer

Some of the major software development services that our engineers offer are listed below:

Custom Software Development

At GCTechInfo, we can help you build personalized and robust software uniquely suited to your business needs and which can be adapted for future processes.

Software Consulting

Our team of experts will gather data and evaluate your business needs, identify gaps in software that your business requires, ideate new software concepts, and help you get the most value by building the right software for you.

Web/ Desktop/ Mobile Development

We can build all kinds of web-based apps, mobile apps for any platform, and desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux in the most popular programming languages like .NET, C++/Qt, and Python.

Database Development

Our experts can help you create a repository for your big data organization so that you can analyze data efficiently for informed decision-making. Our custom database solutions are organized, secure and accessible from multiple devices for authorized personnel.

Cloud Development

Our team can develop apps designed for running in the cloud, which can leverage services and features provided by various cloud vendors. We offer reliable and quality cloud-only and cloud-native apps that employ all cloud functionalities efficiently.

SaaS Product Development

We can evaluate the unique requirements of a business and create custom UI components and features, as well as custom APIs for integration into your systems. We can assist with both product customization and management of SaaS apps.

API Development

Our custom API development services allow you to facilitate team cooperation and data sharing of custom apps with corporate and third-party apps. We can seamlessly integrate tailor-made software to customize UX and optimize workflows.

Software Upgrade

We can help improve the functionalities and reduce the maintenance costs of legacy software systems by planning and implementing UI and UX improvements based on behavior analytics data, delivering new functional features and modules, migrating the product to the cloud, managing technical backlog, and offering L1, L2, L3 user, and product support.

Software Support and Maintenance

We ensure optimal operations, security, and relevancy of your software through continuous monitoring, preventive optimizations, prompt issue resolution, quick integrations, and delivery of new features.

Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing

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