Automotive companies are rapidly adopting innovative and unique technologies to improve the quality of their products, their performance and efficiencies, and customer service. The industry is leveraging a wide range of technology, including AI/ML, cloud, data analytics, smart manufacturing, automation, and mobility, so manufacturers can rapidly release new products at lower costs.

Smart cars, electric vehicles, and self-driving technology is the future of the automotive industry, so it makes sense for manufacturers to stay competitive and nimble to get an edge against the competition.

GCTechInfo has considerable experience in the automotive sector and is a leading company that is ushering in the digital revolution in the industry. We offer Digital Transformation services for Auto Companies and Managed IT services for Automotive Industry, and our automotive IT solutions are all set to address IT- and technology-related aspects of the OEM-dealer-customer supply chain.

Automotive IT Services GCTechInfo Offers

GCTechInfo works with automotive clients to shift to an innovative digital-focused business.

Analytics and Engineering

We have expertise in AI/ML, connected infrastructure, autonomous mobility, digital cockpit, testing and validation, and UX, which improve performance, profitability, and competitiveness with software engineering and enterprise data architecture.

Digital Transformation

Our automotive IT services facilitate a seamless shift to digital transformation programs and boost productivity, efficiency, and agility. With our digital ecosystem, automotive companies can transform themselves into self-sustaining enterprises by applying predictive technology to roll out smart fleets. We help migrate mission-critical data to the cloud, which supports wireless connectivity and ensures a smooth flow of data between participants.

System Modernization

We offer legacy software and hardware modernization services across mainframes, business processes, and applications. We evolve legacy systems to streamline the application landscape, to boost functionalities and capabilities, and migrate the code base to innovative, new platforms. We leverage cloud computing, data science, edge analytics, and DevOps across all functions of the automotive industry, including manufacturing, testing, repair and maintenance, sales and marketing, distribution, finance, hiring and training, etc.

Sustainability Management

Our automotive IT services include sustainability management solutions, which include effective allocation and utilization of resources, reviewing sustainability practices, and identifying areas for sustainability improvement. We offer an extensive suite of IT services comprising incident and injury management, waste management and industrial hygiene, health and safety management, safe storage of chemicals, packaging materials, and sustainability reporting. We ensure compliance with regulatory standards while reducing the cost of operations and compliance.

Connected Cloud Services

At GCTechInfo, we offer holistic engineering and consulting services for developing customized telematics on the cloud, as well as offer maintenance and ongoing services of in-market vehicles for telematics. We facilitate the planning, development, and maintenance of after-market diagnostics as well as integration with third-party applications and services. Our team creates customized IoT cloud platforms for smart vehicles as well as telematics solutions for remote diagnostics, vehicle access control, navigation and location tracking, system maintenance, and more.

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