Cyber Security

Cybersecurity services are designed to analyze and improve the protection of an organization’s networks, applications, and systems. At GCTechInfo, we work closely with defensive programs and cybersecurity solutions to create an improved security posture for companies.

If you are interested in getting full cybersecurity consulting services for your company without high costs, we have you covered.

What Can We Help You With?

At GCTechInfo, we offer robust cyber defenses that protect your organization’s security landscape. Our cybersecurity services include the following:

Cybersecurity Services Offered by GCTechInfo

At GCTechInfo, we offer our clients a range of cybersecurity solutions:

Security Posture Assessment

We provide cybersecurity consultancy services for your organization. Our team of cyber experts can perform security testing to check the robustness of your IT infrastructure as well as stress test by simulating DoS/DDoS attacks. We can also test embedded codes, hardware components, and networks for gaps in security and vulnerabilities. We perform security assessments at all levels, including penetration testing, fuzz testing, and reverse engineering of on-premise applications.

Compliance Auditing

We can perform a comprehensive audit of our clients’ IT landscape and review it for compliance with the most important security standards in the industry, including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, etc. We have a holistic approach for security compliance checking to ensure complete result accuracy and predictability.

SDLC Compliance

Your company requires highly secure systems that are built according to the stringent compliance process of the SDLC. These require adequate effort and time for testing and QA at every stage. At GCTechInfo, we can help companies adjust their development process and focus on intrinsic and high-quality security.

Access Management

GCTechInfo can help organizations integrate identification, authorization, and access security along with advanced monitoring features to ensure no one can make unauthorized access or modifications to the system. This will ensure that while authorized users have the access they need to perform work, no unapproved users can view the sensitive data and information.

Business Continuity Planning

A business continuity plan is essential for a company’s survival, in case it is hit with a disaster. We can help clients reduce their risk and prepare for any disaster by evaluating their readiness for business crisis situations and offering them disaster recovery prescriptions.

Risk Mitigation

We help organizations address all their security concerns and vulnerabilities even before they start developing software by analyzing the overall IT architecture. This allows us to minimize disruptions and downtimes, reduce incident costs, and ensure long-term maintenance.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Governance, risk, and compliance of information security plays a crucial role in managing IT risk considerably. The use of cloud services and IoT has resulted in the formation of virtual network boundaries and distributed data, which pose unique challenges for CIOs. A robust GRC framework facilitates the management of security risks by identifying vulnerabilities proactively and enabling organizations to achieve the desired security posture that aligns with internal and external compliance.

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