IT Consulting and IT Outsourcing

GCTechInfo is a leading IT service offering a range of IT consulting and outsourcing services to improve your company’s functionalities, capabilities, scalability, and competitiveness. We allow you to access the right technology and leverage it for a range of services, including software and app development, infrastructure setup and support, database management, cloud services, and more.

GCTechInfo’s IT Consulting Services

At GCTechInfo, we provide a range of IT consulting services, including (but not limited to):

Digital Transformation Consulting:

We offer consultancy services to help enterprises shift to a digital environment. Our digital transformation consulting services include creating ecommerce and an immersive digital experience, managing a digital supply chain and digital customer service, transitioning to Industry 4.0, creating a remote, hybrid, and collaborative digital work environment, and more.

IT Strategy Consulting:

We can match your IT assets with your organizational goals by assessing your existing IT environment and the effectiveness of its governance; identifying a high-level IT strategy to address business needs; exploring strategic IT initiatives to achieve software development, evolution, migration, etc.; providing cost and time investments for each program, and prioritizing the initiatives, according to their urgency and relevancy.

IT Project and Program Management:

Our team can coordinate activities within one or multiple IT projects to get quicker workflow and better results. This includes planning the life cycle of the project, scheduling and budgeting the initiative, managing communication between the various participants, and monitoring, reporting, and improving the performance of the project.

IT Infrastructure Management:

Our expert IT technicians will create a flexible, stable, and secure IT infrastructure for your business. We have experience in monitoring your network, servers, databases, cloud services, and apps. We are prompt with troubleshooting and will asses the root cause of the incident to prevent it from happening again. Our team will determine the security posture of your IT infrastructure and can patch vulnerabilities. We offer help desk services and IT infrastructure maintenance and evolution.

GCTechInfo’s IT Outsourcing Services

At GCTechInfo, we offer full-service IT outsourcing as well as co-sourcing with your in-house IT team. Enterprises and organizations can outsource any IT activity, from software development to infrastructure management to GCTechInfo and we will ensure you get the best results along with the most value for your money.

If you already have an in-house IT team, GCTechInfo can help them during peak times by taking IT operations and execution of IT-related tasks from their hands while your team focuses on other tasks.

With our IT outsourcing services, your business can benefit in various ways, including:

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