This is the era of digital transformation. Whether you are a new startup or a large-scale established business, integrating digital technology into your business is the only way you can achieve growth and success.

An important outcome of this digital revolution is the increasing necessity of outsourcing IT services. More and more businesses and organizations from all industries are now realizing the benefits of accessing external IT specialists with the required expertise to benefit their company.

At GCTechInfo, we are proud to offer our IT services and support to some of the major industries that are looking to undergo a digital transformation.

Banking and Capital Marketing

GCTechInfo provides important IT services and support to the banking and capital marketing industry. We offer software development and implementation that is focused on improving the relationship between financial facilities and clients, allowing businesses to acquire the most valuable clients.

We offer both customized banking software as well as platform-based software, deploy and integrate it into your IT ecosystem, and provide constant support. Our services include the scope of internet banking, mobile banking, banking CRM, bank customer portals, banking data analytics, loyalty program, knowledge and document management system, facial recognition system, and more.

With banking and capital marketing IT systems, we provide a way for financial institutions to improve their operational efficiency and provide an immersive digital experience to clients.


Healthcare IT services encompass a range of services, including digitization of care delivery, IT implementation and modernization of healthcare processes, cloud migration, and ongoing support. At GCTechInfo, we offer full-scope healthcare IT services for medical organizations and facilities, empowering them to use disruptive tech-enabled healthcare without having to take on the costs, effort, and time of a bigger in-house IT team.

We help healthcare organizations benefit from a large range of services, including healthcare IT support, managed IT services, IT modernization, cloud migration, IT assessment and consulting, healthcare data analytics, digital health implementation, telemedicine software, patient monitoring and management, digital therapeutics, and more.


At GCTechInfo, we offer customized IT solutions and managed services for the automotive industry in order to bring forth digital transformation across all major automotive manufacturing activities. Our expert developers, engineers, and technicians can develop, implement, and maintain software that can help the automotive industry improve customer satisfaction, ensure cost-efficiency, improve worker productivity, increase vehicle safety, and stay updated on the automotive industry trends.

We provide an extensive range of IT services to automotive companies, including process automation software, embedded solutions, ERP consulting, dealer management system, customer relationship management software (CRM), and more.

Consumer and Retail

Our consumer and retail IT services are focused on achieving high efficiencies for your operations and creating a more engaging and immersive experience for customers via both digital and physical sales channels.

We offer a wide range of software solutions for the consumer and retail ecosystem, including customer experience management systems (CXM), marketing automation, ecommerce and M-commerce integration, supply chain management, business intelligence and data analysis, facial and emotion recognition software, virtual reality, information security, and more.

Let’s Discuss Your IT Solutions

Are you looking for true digital transformation for your company? GCTechInfo can help change your business technology infrastructure and culture from the grounds-up to become more proactive, resilience, and future-proof.

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