Cloud Services

Cloud services include planning, designing, implementing, monitoring, optimizing, and supporting your cloud IT infrastructure. GCTechInfo can help businesses partner will major cloud providers, including Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure, and ensure high availability, performance, and scalability of their cloud environments. We offer quality custom cloud software development and consulting services that enable organizations to future-proof their infrastructure and transition smoothly to Saas, Iaas, and Paas business models.

What GCTechInfo’s Cloud Services Offer

Types of Cloud Services We Offer

At GCTechInfo, we offer holistic, end-to-end cloud development capabilities, allowing businesses to migrate their workloads, apps, and services to virtual cloud environments. We will perform a complete analysis of your IT infrastructure before starting your migration to the cloud to ensure all critical requirements are met.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We can help organizations design, develop, deploy, and manage cloud data centers. We also help with cloud operation management as well deploy cloud-based applications.

Cloud Optimization

Our expert team will assess your current cloud infrastructure, pinpoint underutilized resources and provide personalized recommendations on how to optimize the use of cloud infrastructure at the lowest cost.

Optimal Cloud Strategies

We can plan your cloud migration strategy and help you choose the best cloud platform that aligns with your business needs and will reduce development and cloud costs. We will assess your infrastructure for cloud readiness, audit your cloud infrastructure, and create a cloud roadmap and a multi-cloud strategy.

Cloud-Native Development

We can help you build, manage, and run serverless apps using fully-managed cloud services for increased flexibility, agility, and scalability. Some services and databases we use include Azure Functions, AWS Lambda, Azure Cosmos DB, and Amazon DynamoDB.

Cloud Migration

We can help businesses optimize their shift to the cloud by identifying the best migration strategy that aligns with their organizational goals, whether it is a cloud-native approach, Iaas, or dockerizing.

Cloud Security

We can ensure an improved security posture for your cloud infrastructure with secure and compliant cloud governance and cyber resilience. We will perform continuous monitoring, risk and security assessment, data protection, and performance optimization every step of the way.

Disaster Recovery

One of the most important functions of cloud infrastructure is disaster recovery. We offer cloud services that protect your applications, remotely manage all your backups, and create customized disaster recovery strategies for you.

Cloud Managed Services

We offer a range of cloud-managed services, including a governance plan for cloud infrastructure, optimization of the cloud infrastructure for performance improvements and cost savings, and cloud infrastructure improvement strategies.

Cloud Modernization Services

We can help convert your current cloud infrastructure into a more agile, cloud-native platform. We can adopt cloud technology in microservice-based architecture as well as implement cloud governance and policies.

Go Cloud Now!

GCTechInfo is ready to offer you reliable, agile, and scalable cloud infrastructure solutions and support to help drive your business toward growth and success.

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