Banking and Capital Markets

The financial sector is seeing an increase in digital banking, ever-improving omnichannel customer experiences, and tighter regulations. To succeed in this highly competitive environment, the industry has to optimize its operations and bring forth a digital transformation. These include leveraging technology like big data analytics, mobile, cloud, IoT, and AI/ML to boost resilience and increase opportunities.

Banking and capital markets IT services, software, and support are focused on improving the relationship between financial institutions and their clients. At GCTechInfo, we offer Digital Transformation services for banks and Managed IT services for financial institutions, embed and deploy them, and provide them with constant support.

GCTechInfo works with banks, capital markets, and financial institutions to build tailor-made solutions that align with their business goals as well as target their mixed target audience.

Banking and Capital Market Sectors We Service

GCTechInfo helps organizations aggregate, analyze, and report their data from a large number of data sources and repositories in order to address the enterprise’s most important needs.

Some of the domains in which we offer advanced data analytics solutions include:

Services GCTechInfo Offers Banking and Capital Markets

At GCTechInfo, we follow a simple, straightforward, but a highly efficient model that can help businesses efficiently achieve digital transformation.


We offer domain advisory and consulting to banks and financial institutions with our board-centric financial advisory team.

Advanced Distribution Management System:

We can help you shift from your legacy managed services systems with a result-focused ADMS approach by using DevOps, automation, and analytics.

Core Banking:

Our financial IT experts can help you realize next-generation core banking by giving you an optimal balance between smart integration and product-centric banking.

Product Implementation:

We offer product recommendations and implementation for specialized financial products.


We can help improve both customer and employee experience by offering personalization at all stages of the financial journey. We can help reveal data insight and streamline operations with banking and capital markets software and applications.


We can help your institution migrate and manage critical financial workload by shifting it to the cloud. This will ensure reduced time-to-market, improved risk management, and regulatory compliance.


Our team of threat intelligence experts will improve your institution’s security posture by reducing risks and building up your cybersecurity measures across your IT ecosystem.

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