IT Support

We live in a highly competitive and fast-paced digital era, which means that all our IT-related functions need ongoing support and maintenance. This is where GCTechInfo’s IT support services come into play.

We offer you continuous support, maintenance, and assistance for all IT-related issues like database management, cloud computing, network setup, and more. Our IT consulting services go beyond just fixing everyday IT issues and answering technical questions.

We provide IT management services that include optimizing the performance of the IT network and securing the ecosystem against cybersecurity attacks and internal and external threats and disasters. We can help enterprises understand the full potential of their IT environment and follow best practices for managing their digital assets.

Types of IT Support Infrastructure

GCTechInfo offers tiered technical support and swarming support to resolve issues.

Types of IT Support GCTechInfo Offer By Level

At GCTechInfo, we follow a simple, straightforward, but a highly efficient model that can help businesses efficiently achieve digital transformation.

Level 1 Support:

We offer a first line of direct tech support to clients. Users can interact with us through phone, chat, or email and receive support for basic issues and service requests so that a broad range of issues may be resolved with minimal downtime. We also set up a modern support tool that allows businesses to access expert IT technicians in real time, thereby reducing time-to-resolution and service disruptions.

Level 2 Support:

This level requires more comprehensive and specialized knowledge of a product or service that aligns with a specific incident. At GCTechInfo, we offer second-line support engineers, desktop support analysts, and customer support technicians with the required technical expertise to address incidents at this level. Our expert team can access the issue and come up with a customized solution for it. We may also take remote access control, if needed, to fix the issues.

Level 3 Support:

We allow companies to access our highest technical resources to resolve Level 3 incidents. Our support staff are highly qualified and skilled and comprise third-line support engineers, server engineers, network specialists, programmers, and chief architects who create products and services. Our team will duplicate the problem to discover its root cause and find out a fix. Once the fix is completed, we will document it for future use by Level 1 and Level 2 IT technicians.

Major IT Responsibilities We Undertake

Our IT support services are anything that ensures business continuity. Some of the most common IT support services we offer include:
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