Healthcare is one of the fastest-growest industries due to various factors, including population growth, an increasing number of diseases and chronic conditions, longer lifespans, an unstable economy, and ever-tightening compliance. The need for innovation and technology as well as a heightened focus on patient-centricity spurs the need for a digital revolution in the healthcare industry.

At GCTechInfo, we have worked in the medical and healthcare sector to provide Digital Transformation services for hospitals and Managed IT services for the Healthcare Industry, as well as a deep set of technology solutions, ranging from bold software updates to advisory and consultancy services.

Our expert consultants and technicians work with clients across the value chain to improve the clinical decision-making process, increase margins, facilitate self-service capabilities, and meet the increasingly complex compliance regulatory standards of the GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA, etc.

Our healthcare IT professionals work with clients every day to drive the adoption of innovative technological solutions and processes across the entire healthcare industry, including leveraging cloud technology, data engineering, AI/ML, predictive analytics, process automation, and collaboration tools.

Types of Healthcare IT Solutions We Offer

At GCTechInfo, we follow a simple, straightforward, but a highly efficient model that can help businesses efficiently achieve digital transformation.

Healthcare IT Support

We offer Level 1 till Level 3 help desk support for IT infrastructure and applications. Our experts continuously monitor hospital applications, networks, and the internet of medical things (IoMT) as well as manage and maintain the IT infrastructure. We also ensure compliance with the regulatory standards as well as ensure the robust security posture of your healthcare IT infrastructure.

IT Assessment and Consulting

Our team assesses the current state of the IT infrastructure in any medical facility, identifies vulnerabilities and unprovisioned needs, and creates innovative solutions to resolve them. We perform feasibility studies to define healthcare IT optimization and create care digitization systems with maximum benefits.

IT Modernization

GCTechInfo integrates healthcare applications with your facility’s infrastructure, including medical imaging software, EHR, practice management software, etc. We modernize legacy healthcare applications and consolidate siloed or disparate organization or patient data. We also take care to upgrade your safety measures and meet compliance standards.

Healthcare Data Analytics

We design, build, and implement healthcare data analytics solutions, including patient outcomes analytics and patient health data analytics (e.g. body temperature, blood sugar level, blood pressure). Our team of experts assesses the efficiency of internal processes like bed allocation, equipment usage, etc., as well as performs financial management.

Digital Health Implementation

GCTechInfo can help medical organizations conceptualize and develop software solutions based on the organization’s healthcare objectives and goals. We offer software planning and digital health solutions like telemedicine apps, remote patient monitoring systems, digital therapeutics, chronic disease management software, and patient engagement solutions. In addition, we offer ongoing healthcare software support and evolution.

Cloud Migration

Our IT experts will select a HIPAA-compliant cloud solution for medical and healthcare clients. We create a cost-effective step-by-step cloud migration strategy that splits applications into modules for a seamless shift to the cloud without disrupting operations. We offer server, desktop, and database migration from physical or on-prem servers to the cloud.

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